Below is a sample of the thousands of still photos I shot in 16 countries for Hilton Worldwide.  The first group were shot at the Conrad Indianapolis. 


Here's an image in a finished ad.  The Indy Conrad is downtown on a busy street that we couldn't close to traffic.  I didn't want to run stingers across the sidewalk for liability reasons so all the lights were battery powered LED's.

Wine Bar

We hired four talent and shot them in as many environments as possible showcasing both the hotel and "lifestyle".  Here are all four in the wine bar using team members as background.


Outdoor dining with a little dutch.  Not so much about the particular restaurant but more about the lifestyle.


The pool area is a basic indoor pool so the shot becomes all about the viewer indentifying with the person in the shot.


I think everyone can identify with getting a massge.


Conrad's demographic is a younger, active guest and they want to highlight this lifestyle.

Bike Flags

Note the subtle Conrad flag.

Conrad Bikes Front Ext

Bikes in front of hotel with the soft focus Conrad.

Bangkok Bar

This is the top of the hotel bar in Bangkok I lit this with one small LED light.  Call me and ask me how...

Seville Courtyard 

Seville, Spain courtyard.  This was taken at what I call blue light.  After sunset, after the magic hour light has vanished when you expose for night but the sky still has a hint of light.

Seville Ballroom Ext. 

Another "blue light" shot of a ballroom on the water in Seville.

Seville Spa Room 

Some of the work is destined for print brochures.  Here's an image that sells the room and has plenty of negative space for writing. 

Seville Spa 

Perhaps the most challenging shot of the week in Spain.  The walls of the spa were flat black stone.  The small LED's light the plant at the far end of the hall and the two glass doors but didn't light the black stone.  That's being done by 1 K's being bounced into the space.

Seville Hotel Room 

We usually spend some time shooting rooms but this was unusual.  They had 10 room types to shoot but only 1 bed and 1 set of amenities.  The hotel staff did a fabulous job dressing each room.

Cairo Martini Glasses 

Typical of the detail shots that are useful for not only the brand but the individual hotel.

Boulders Blue Sky 

An early morning shot of professional models at the Boulders resort in Phoenix, AZ.  I only point out they're pros because so many of the images I take are with real team members.

Boulders Spa

Spa shot for the Boulders.

Bangkok Mask 

The theme restaurant in Bangkok wanted to show the interaction between the live entertainment and the customers.

Bangkok Lobby 

Typical lobby shot showing guests using the space.

Bangkok Doorman 

Untypical shot of guest interaction bridging the exterior and interior of the hotel.

Bangkok Ice Cream 

What started as a food shot turned into a opportunity for a team member image.  


Casa Marina Beach Day 

Picture postcard of the beach in front of a Key West resort.

Key West Southpoint 

The client loves these detail shots that give you a sense of place.

Casa Marina Sunset 

A picture postcard sunset.

Cairo Coffee Break 

A "Coffee Break" in Cairo.

Cairo Ballroom 

And a wedding setup in a large ballroom.

Singapore Sunset 

Exterior of the Conrad Singapore.

Hiton Pyramids Bellman 

A team member with plenty of negative space for graphics.

San Juan Red Bar 

I have to admit I didn't take this still shot.  I was shooting with my F900 and my buddy Willy would take stills after I set, lit and shot the video.   I feel guilty because when I was lighting this shot in the air conditioning, Willy was outside shooting kids in a pool in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity.  It's good to be the DP.

San Juan Moon Bar 

Same with this shot.  The video on this dolly shot was really beautiful with the moving reflections in the floor.  You can see a very short piece of that video on the sizzle reel on my home page.

San Juan Wedding 

My F900 was on the jib for this shot which is also in the sizzle reel. 

San Juan Couple 

Even though we had the F900 available we shot the video with the 5D for the shallower depth of field.  We used the F900 on the jib or when we wanted to carry a deeper depth of field like the bar shots.  The right tool for the particular shot.

Reach Pier House 

Picture postcard shot of the pier at dusk. 

Reach Pier Sunset 

Pier at sunset.  These type of shots get used in print, on the web and Powerpoints for the sales team.

Miami Exterior 

Miami Conrad exterior.  I love that 16-35mm lens with the 5D2's full size sensor 5D.

Miami Interior 

Interior at Miami Conrad.

Dubai Creek 

Exterior in morning "blue light".  Set up and shooting at 5am.  I was catching a plane in the afternoon so had to shoot early morning. 

Tokyo Exterior Day 

Day exterior Conrad Tokyo and the 16mm again.  The hotel loved this shot...

Tokyo Exterior Night 

Although I'm partial to the night exterior.

Tokyo Bar Day 

Day exterior of the Tokyo lobby bar.

Tokyo Ballroom 

Meeting room set up.

Tokyo Food 

Tokyo food shot.  Funny, looks like food everywhere.


Tokyo Spa 

And spa shots.

Tokyo Gordon Ramsey 

Restaurant images both fine...

Tokyo Restaurant 

And casual dining.

Cairo Restaurant 

Bar shots with models in Cairo...

Cairo Bar 

Bar shots empty with plenty of negative space.

Cairo Couple Boat 

And bar shots featuring a view of the Nile.

Cairo Exterior Couple 

And lifestyle shots showing off the hotel.

Cairo Meeting Room Walk 

Images of the meeting areas with a model.

Cairo Casino Dealer 

Getting a smile from the Cairo casino team members.

Cairo Casino Wheel 

And detail shots with plenty of negative space for graphics.

Cairo Room Shot

If you shot hotels you shoot rooms.  Here's one in Cairo.... with pyramids added later.

Cairo Exterior Night Water 

Blue light exterior shot from the Nile.

Cairo Food 

Cairo food shot.  Funny, looks a lot like food in Tokyo...

Cairo Chef 

And finally a fun shot of the team members in action. 

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